Day and Night, inkjet print on cardboard

Day and Night (on Flickr)

generative art

Day and Night (on Flickr) is a generative art project. I wrote a small program in Processing which reads the mean colour from Flickr images with certain tags, generating a new colour image. Earlier versions of the software only parsed images tagged with day or night, although recent versions allow user specified tags. The final result was a series of 15 x 15 cm inkjet prints on cardboard.

To start generation of an image the user has to enter tags and the number of images that should be used to calculate the new image. The program will then start searching Flickr for images with the specified tags.

Most images on Flickr have more than just one tag. For every tag-quantity a colour rectangle is generated. The colour is calculated from the mean colour of all found images with the same tag-quantity. The rectangles size correlates to the number of images of a tag-quantity.

The generated image is divided in to two main areas. The upper area contains rectangles arranged from left to right decreasing in size (which is the number of images of a tag-quantity). Rectangles of the lower area are ordered by number of tags.

Once the specified number of images is reached the program stops.

Flickr images are searched from latest to oldest, so calculated images will look different when created at a different times, even if other parameters are identical.

Following are prints calculated with the tag pairs: warm and cold, sun and moon, bright and dark.

Warm and Cold, inkjet print on cardboard Sun and Moon, inkjet print on cardboard Bright and Dark, inkjet print on cardboard

The first version of the software cut out small sections of images tagged with day or night and assembled them to into a picture. The size of the cut-out correlates (in a limited number of steps) with the number of tags of the respective image...

Day and Night, poster of an older version